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WordPress and Why You Should Use It

WordPress is not only one of South Africa’s most widely used content management systems for websites but globally it makes up over 27% of websites on the internet! So what exactly is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which is used to control and manipulate content through an admin panel. Unfortunately, WordPress did get a bad reputation many years ago of being a simple blogging platform or something used by amateurs. While that may have been the case many many years back in it’s infancy, it is no longer the case now. WordPress is a flexible system that is as powerful as many other platforms such as Drupal and Joomla, as well as it is incredibly user friendly and easy to implement. Whether you are a website content manager or a novice, WordPress makes life simple for you.

Now that you have an idea of what WordPress is, why should you use it?

  1. Support – WordPress is widely supported by website developers. Whether or not you decide to keep your existing WordPress development company or use a freelance web developer, WordPress is normally supported by most website design agencies in South Africa and globally.
  2. User Friendly – As we already mentioned, WordPress is really easy to use and makes updating your website content simple. That means, anyone in your company would be able to implement changes without paying a development company to do it for you!
  3. Flexibility – WordPress will grow with your business. Many content management systems will do the same but because WordPress is the most widely used CMS, there are already many plugins you can take advantage of to fulfill your needs without reinventing the wheel.
  4. Plugins – WordPress plugins are available so your company can rapidly add functionality with little cost implication. But, be careful, not all plugins are reliable or secure! We recommend only using premium plugin developers, cheaper is NOT always better!

There are many other reasons to use WordPress to implement your website, if you want to know more or simply want to discuss your requirements, then get in touch today and we will get you started!