Google Display Ads: What Is Display Advertising & Why Should You Care?
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What is Google Ads Display Advertising?

What is Google Ads Display Advertising? Another form of advertising from Google.

When it comes to the search engine Google you can advertise in four ways – using Google search ads, display ads, video ads or app ads.

The most popular and widely used form of advertising on Google, by marketers and businesses, is Google search ads. They are the ads that appear at the top and bottom of Google’s result pages and have a tag that says “Ad” next to them.

They have the highest rate of conversion, which means – the highest rate of turning clicks into sales or other wanted and profitable actions. Read more about Google search ads here.

Where do Google Display ads show up?

Google advertising doesn’t stop with search ads. Google ads display advertising is another way to – you got it – advertise. This time on Google’s Display Network.

What is Google Display Network? It’s a network of more than two million websites on the internet that host Google Ads on them. How does a website become a part of Google’s Display Network? They simply join to be a part of it.

Websites that offer unique content can ask to be part of the Google Display Network. Google will review their website and if deemed worthy they’ll get your ads displayed on them.

What are the types of websites on Google’s Display Network?

There over two million websites – close to three million in Google’s Display Network. And they all range in topics. There are numerous websites on all imaginable topics.

So, as a business and website owner, you’ll surely be able to take advantage of these topics and websites and advertise your own brand. It’s a win-win situation.

Just think about it – you want to increase your gym’s brand awareness in the fitness community. So, with contextual advertising campaigns, your display ads will appear on websites that focus on fitness topics and contain keywords that you target.

A sure way to get noticed in your obvious audience. And a sure way to raise brand awareness and a long-lasting reputation, which in time can and will bring a return on investment (ROI).

Do all display ads bring in sales?

Yes and no. Advertising can be tricky – as all advertising is. It needs to be carefully thought, created, targeted, optimized and then re-optimized.

Display ads have a lower conversion rate than search ads. Why? It’s simple – people who are in need of a solution to a present problem or need an immediate purchase or service tend to go and look for it on Google’s search engine. They don’t go reading through websites in the hopes that they’ll find their service or product there. If they stumble upon it and it happens that they needs it – sure. So, search ads appearing on Google’s search results get higher conversions.

However, Google’s Display Network can bring in immediate conversions too! How? With clever and strategic ad campaigns.

Also, conversions don’t need to be immediate. For your business and website to be successful and profitable they don’t need only instant sales.

Your business can greatly benefit from brand consideration, brand awareness and reach, or website traffic campaigns. All of which can be done with Google ads display advertising. All of which in time build your reputation, credibility, authority, and establish you as a quality business.

Which only translates in sales and profit on the long-term – a definite return on investment.

How much do display ads cost?

They’re much lower in price than search ads. A display ad’s pay-per-click average price is a bit over $0.50. A small price to pay which in time will lead to an increase in sales for your business.

And a small price to pay for an immediate increase in sales – with the right targeting and campaign strategy.

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