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Welcome to our new client Move In Media

We are very excited to announce our new client, Move In Media.

Move In Media offers it’s customers not only high quality vibrant banner printing services but an unmatched level of professionalism and custom service. At Codepilot we pride ourselves on working with brands that we align our business moral standing as well as products we believe. And this is one brand we do believe in!

So what are we doing for Move In Media?

We have been contracted to implement an ongoing digital strategy to improve their online presence, increase SEO ranking across their product offering and manage their Google Ads campaigns on an ongoing basis.

What’s next for our client?

Digital success. We have already been hard at work establishing the brand’s online presence and gaining traction with SEO ranking.

What products or services does this client offer?

When it comes to indoor, outdoor and event advertising solutions, the question is: what don’t they offer?

We’ve investigated and analysed many of Move In Media’s competitors. And we can confidently say that their display banners and quality of the custom printed flags are second to none.

Some of their top products include:

Feather flag banners

The Feather flag is the perfect solution with various options for bases and stands. A great solution for indoor and outdoor events. We recommend going with the double sided printed option, it really stands out and draws potential customers in at trade shows! If you want to know more about feather flags, click here

Pop Up Tents

If you have a trade show any time soon then you need to get one of Move In Media’s pop up tents. They are of a superior quality to any we have used for any of our clients events from other suppliers. Their “Standard Series Pop Up Tent” is anything but standard. It’s so easy to setup and portable that is makes planning for your trade show just that little bit easier. And let’s face it, anything that can make life a bit simpler when it comes to exhibitions is welcome! Check out their pop up tents or head on over to their list of Top Trade Show Display solutions. Some  great tips on marketing for your next trade can be found here. Our favourite one tip is: The importance of a follow-up. We couldn’t agree more.

Custom Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are a great solution for all types of events. Whether you need one for your soccer club’s next match or business event. Move In Media has it covered. Literally. These outdoor advertising solutions are really cheap in price but definitely not in quality and best of all they can be printed and shipped within 24 hours! Yes, you read that correctly. They offer next day banners and ship to all fifty states.

There are plenty of other display banner solutions available on their easy to use online store. Visit their website today and let their products speak for themselves.