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Website Performance

Google Rank Monitoring
Web Rank Monitoring

Website performance monitoring will give your company insight into how your website is performing. We monitor the ranking of your website and how Google sees it. During this process, we provide reporting and guidance on how to improve your website. Whether you are working with an agency or doing it yourself, we can provide you with improvements to increase your return on investment.

What we will do for you

Website performance monitoring is a great way to understand how effective your current SEO / marketing strategy is. Our report will give you a breakdown by Keyword on what rank your website is on Google. We provide a historical breakdown to show decreases and increases to tie in with your marketing efforts. Meaning, you get accurate data on what works and what doesn’t. Our team will provide you with reports and guidance on improvements on a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly basis depending on the package you have chosen.

Why choose our SEO Company?

You found our website!

You found our website, the reason you were able to find our website is because of SEO. This should already put your mind at ease that we know what we are doing. Unlike most SEO companies, our team of SEO specialists work closely with our web development team to make sure that your website has all the necessary enhancements or code fixes to achieve maximum results.

SEO Performance & Accountability

At the start of any SEO project, we set-out clearly defined goals which allow you as the client to measure our performance on a monthly basis. If we are not performing, then fire us as your SEO company. It is as simple as that. We do not tie clients into contracts because we don’t need to. Our performance speaks for itself.

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