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Top reasons your company should use email marketing

Email marketing is the fastest way to engage your customers. Social media marketing combined with email marketing will grow your company’s bottom line and increase your brand’s presence.

Why should your company use email marketing as your main form of marketing?

1. Penetration

Currently there are over 3.5 billion email accounts in the world. That is a staggering number of potential customers to market to. As it stands, there is no better way of marketing to these users, no form of media that reaches that many users exists.

2. Customer Reach

In social media, reach, refers to the amount of followers or likes of your business Facebook or Twitter page for example. But in email it refers to something entirely different. Industry averages for opening and reading of emails varies, but on average you could say the 18% of emails would get lost somewhere in cyberspace, and about 4% would be blocked by spam filters (depending on your content), but that then means 74% of emails will still reach their destination, even if users do not read the mail, the awareness of your brand is created.

3. Timeframe

Social media has a very short timeframe to interact with customers. Tweets can be predicted as popular within 5 minutes, and Facebook post within 1 hour and 50 minutes. Email however has a far greater lifespan, the reason for this is email has to be deleted or removed, it does not fade away. This gives email marketing as a tool a greater advantage over social media marketing.

4. Email Reporting

Social media is a very complicated tool to report on. Tracking ROI (Return On Investment) can be fairly complicated and is still being discussed. Email marketing has a solid reporting foundation, for example, you will know how many clicks were received, your open rate, bounce rate and much more. Email campaigns ca be reported on very easily and with accuracy.

5. Synergy

Combining social media, email marketing and other online tools will give you a marketing strategy that would make your competitor tremble.

6. Personalised Email

Make your customers feel more important and gain trust with your email campaigns. Personalised emails achieve better results because, your customer feel they are being addressed directly, trust is achieved because scammers or spammers often do not know the name of their audience.

So what does all of this mean?

Well, if you are not already contemplating your email marketing strategy, you are already falling behind your competitors. We believe that email marketing can be elegant, timeless and achieve great results. Give us a call or drop us an email if you want to discuss your marketing strategy.