Maximize Your Google AdWords Results With AdWords Scheduling
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Maximise results with Google AdWords Ad Scheduling

Maximise your Google AdWords Results, but how you ask?

If you have not heard of Google AdWords ad scheduling then you are missing out big time!

Google AdWords hourly performance report gives you the ability to view when your audience are converting. By understanding the day and times that result in the highest return, you are able to improve your budget spend to maximise returns.

Scheduling your ad campaigns to run during specific times of the day that result in conversions means you are not wasting money on clicks that do not always convert. The best way to think about ad scheduling is to picture the scenario of a person handing out flyers. If your flyers are being handed out at 3am, you more than likely won’t have any potential customers. But if you hand out the same flyers at peak hour traffic, you will start to see a return on this effort.


Now that you know what Ad Scheduling is, What now?

Google AdWords Ad Scheduling The first step is to review the hourly performance report provided by Google in your AdWords account. This data can be accessed by clicking into all campaigns or a specific campaign you would like to view the information on. Next, click on the “ad schedule” option in the left column of the screen and get ready to be blown away.

Inside this section you will see the tab options for “Day & Hour“, “Day” and finally “Hour“. Each of these tabs will give you insight into when your customers are engaging with your Google AdWords campaign and which day of the week is most likely to result in a click or conversion.

If you are a restaurant for example and your focus is to improve feet through the door at dinner time, then you might only want your ads to be shown just before the end of the day to customers considering going out for dinner. This means you can take advantage of customers looking for your service at a time of the day where the decision to convert has been made.


How to setup an Ad Schedule

Once you have gathered the information about when your customers engage with your Google AdWords campaigns, you can then setup your ad schedule to take advantage of this information. The Google AdWords team has created some really fantastic content on how to implement this great feature. If you are interested, its definitely worth the time to watch it…



Need help?

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