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Email Marketing

Direct marketing straight to the consumer
Email Marketing

Email marketing or direct marketing is a great tool to keep customers up-to-date with information on your services or inform potential customers of product offering. Our team of marketing specialists will make sure that your email marketing campaign reaches the customer, is effective and can be reported on. Whether you require a custom design, coding of an existing design or to work with your current design agency, we are happy to help.

Email Marketing
Why use email marketing?

There are multiple reasons to use direct marketing services, but 3 main reasons should sway your decision immediately. The first reason is cost, email marketing is cost effective. Regardless of whether you implement email marketing yourself or have an agency do it for you, the costs to reach thousands of consumers in comparison to more traditional marketing channels are minimal. The second reason is measurability. We offer our clients a report after each email marketing campaign. This report contains valuable insight into how your campaign was received by the consumer, how many clicks occurred and much more. Most forms of traditional marketing channels can only produce assumed data such as traffic passing a billboard. The third reason is targeting. To get the highest conversion rate, we recommend segmenting your data to send out highly targeted emails. This allows you to send specific messages based on gender, location and other demographic criteria. So what more could you want?

Why choose our Email Marketing Company?

Successful email campaigns have great subject lines that are not judged to be spam, creative “above-the-fold” design and goal implemented conversion tracking. Our team will complete a creative design that follows the best practices for open / click through rates. We will then run your campaign through our spam litmus test to make sure that it is compliant and has a low spam score to increase the chances of the campaign being delivered to a consumer’s inbox. Finally, we will provide a report to showcase how your campaign did and what could be improved on for the next campaign.

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