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Google AdWords Tips & Tricks

What is Google Display Advertising
What is Google Ads Display Advertising? Another form of advertising from Google. When it comes to the search engine Google you can advertise in four ways – using Google search ads, display ads, video ads or app ads. The most popular and widely used form of advertising on Google, by marketers and businesses, is Google...
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What is Google Ads Search Advertising?
What is Google Ads Search Advertising? What is Google Ads Search Advertising? Well, it’s just another way of advertising. Similar to TV ads or radio ads. Now, with the internet, we have online ads. Google is a search engine to which people worldwide turn for information, products and much more. We type in what we...
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How to Advertise on Google
Before getting into how to advertise on Google, it is a good idea to get a basic understanding about what Google AdWords is. What is Google AdWords? Google AdWords is a PPC platform by Google (the Search Engine), that allows companies and individuals to advertise to customers searching for specific products or services. A typical...
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Maximise your Google AdWords Results, but how you ask? If you have not heard of Google AdWords ad scheduling then you are missing out big time! Google AdWords hourly performance report gives you the ability to view when your audience are converting. By understanding the day and times that result in the highest return, you...
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PPC services
What is Pay Per Click? PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is a paid for marketing platform made available to internet advertisers to create adverts that will show up on search engines when specific keywords or phrases are searched for. Simply put, PPC is the ability to purchase clicks or traffic to visit your website...
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